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Let’s post your picture “with-tobacco”

We are really looking forward seeing your picture: including photo and illustration from you!

Looking for picture related to tobacco from you.
From your picture, we will make them as our
main-background for website or facebook page.

According to your will, we will introduce your profile on
our site.  Really looking forward of receiving your posts.


Qualification of posting picture

Anyone (who wants to post picture).  Professional or amateur, both welcomed.  

Requirements for posting picture

The size of standard pictures are refer to over 940px (width) times 320px (height)
(the size of file needs to be under 2MB)

*When the width is longer than our website, we may edit the size of pictures to make it as a background.

*We do not contact you for putting on posted picture or not.

<Please note>

  • The pictures must be under your own copyrights only.
  • The posted-pictures are possibly used for our website and/or official facebook page.
  • We are not responsible for intellectual and property rights or personal rights of usage of the subjects
    in the pictures.
  • If there are any conflicts about the use of posting pictures with third party, we are not involved.
    The posted person needs to be responsible for these rights above, and solve the issues by your own cost.

*By the time of posting pictures, we consider that you are confirmed and accepted above notes.

Requirements for posting picture

The form with* are required. Please fill them.

Age Years old


  • Male
  • Female
Language Example: Japanese
Contacting e-mail address*

Introducing your posting

Upload your picture


If you do not want to be introduced for your profile, please keep the box empty.